Sholom Park

MaKom Sholom Park is located in Marion County, Florida. It is owned and supported by the Horticultural Arts & Park Institute, Inc. (HAPI), a charitable foundation. There is no charge for admission to the park. Please visit the link below for information regarding hours of operation.

Paved walkways meander through the luxuriant park grounds and wind in and around the mature oaks, hickories, sweet gums, and long leaf pine trees, moving you from one special location to the next.  There are numerous trails to explore and places to see, each with an aura all its’ own.  The pathways provide many benches to rest upon or contemplate ideas, but the sense of inner peace that prevails throughout the park retains total dominion.

Areas of the park include:

  • The Pavillion
  • Prairie Trail
  • Pergebo Trail
  • Pond Trail
  • Enchanted Forest Trail
  • Formal Garden Walk
  • Azalea Trail
  • The Labyrinth
  • Pond

Visit the Sholom Park website

Sholom Park
6840 SW 80th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34481
(352) 854-7435

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1 Comment

  • Vivian Johnson says:

    I live in Ocala and visit Sholom Park all the time, it is one of my favorite places. These photographs are beautiful and this is a wonderful tribute to your father! It brings a new meaning to the labrinth path which I also walk when I visit the park. I will think of you and say a prayer on my next visit. God bless, Vivian

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